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Before Islam - Before Christianity - Before Rabbinical Judaism

A Galilean Family stood against evil

The Forging of the Torah


The Counterfeit Torah

Judean scribes fabricated new laws and scriptures. They counterfeited the ancient Hebrew scriptures to create a cult dedicated to an anthropomorphic god of fear, blood and war.

“The discovery of the ‘Book of the Law’ created an uproar and a spiritual crisis in Judah.”

Professor Israel Finkelstein

Animal Sacrfice


Animal Sacrifice

The Judean cult of animal sacrifice killed on an industrial scale. They turned all living beings into a commodity and denied the sanctity of life to all but the Judeans.

“It is written that this should be a house of prayer but you have turned it into a (Spelaion Leston) cave of robbers.”

Mathew 21:13 and Luke 19:46

Judean Supremacy


Judean Supremacy

The myth of the Central Judean Monarchy fed the cult of Judean supremacism and the ‘End of Days’. Judean supremacy gave rise to centuries of racism, persecution and violence.

“Judeans are human (Sons of A’dam) but non-Judeans are not”

Talmud – Bava Metzia 114b

How to Survive the End of the World - FREE online course

Question: do you feel like an alien on your own planet?

Freedom = Cancelled

Families = Cancelled

Nations = Cancelled

Morality = Cancelled

Reality = Cancelled

Objective Truth = Cancelled

God = Cancelled

Screaming Mob

How to Survive the end of the world in five easy lessons!

Ancient Solutions to Modern Problems

Tree of Life Sun

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