The True Sayings of Jesus: The Jesus of History Vs. The Christ Myth

Christians only want him if he’s sacrificed

Jews curse him to burn in hell

Atheists deny that he even existed

All because of a lie

The truth will blow your mind

Nazarene Judaism is the Fifth Way! It offers people an escape from the self-indulgent banality of atheism. It presents a viable alternative to the abomination of Rabbinical Judaism or the masochism of Christianity. Perhaps more importantly, Nazarene Judaism suggests a version of Islam without the violence.

The third and final edition of the True Sayings of Jesus: Nazarene Judaism.

The True Sayings of Jesus

Quantum Mechanics for Your Soul: How To Repair Yourself and Save the World AT The Same Time

With a background in engineering and advanced electromagnetics, the author synthesises two radical scientific hypotheses in order to present a unified theory of observed reality.

Like the legendary best seller, ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’, the events of an epic journey between Azerbaijan and Aberdeen Scotland provide easy to understand explanations for an elegant and coherent model of sub-atomic reality.

If you’ve ever wondered how a magnet can move an object without touching it, if you ever noticed that Darwinian evolution doesn’t make much sense, if you’ve ever felt that there’s more to life than ‘Science’ can explain this is the book for you!

Quite by accident, the book offers an explanation for Nazarene Judaism without once discussing God, religion or Jesus.

Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul

How History Created The Bible

Have you ever read the Old Testament and thought that god might be a little insane? Have you ever read the stories of genocide, sacrifice and war and felt somehow ‘spiritually defiled’? Well you are not alone! Many Atheists cite passages from the Old Testament as reasons for giving up on god!

Well here’s the good news! They are right! The stories in the Bible are symptoms of history but cannot be read AS history. Each of the books in the Bible were written by different men at different times in several different languages and each intended for his message to stand alone. None of them intended for their work to be shoehorned into a Hebrew/Greek Anthology.

Based on textual and physical archaeology, ‘How History Created the Bible’ takes a light-hearted journey through the history of the Hebrew people to reveal a warm and deeply spiritual people who have been conned out of their cultural and spiritual identity by Judeans committed to racial and spiritual supremacy.

Palestine Through The Eyes of Jesus

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one kind of Jew! The history of the Hebrew people is a story of two nations! Just as the English and the French have been at war for a thousand years, so were Israel and Judah the best of enemies for most of history.

Physical and textual archaeology reveals that Judean supremacism is just a myth created by Judean elites. Israel was a kingdom centred around the Jezreel valley and the Galilee, while Judah was a ‘One-Horse village’ in the bandit infested barren hills of Judah. Until Judah betrayed Israel to the Assyrians!

It is impossible to understand the Jesus of History without first learning about the true history of the Hebrew people and their fight to maintain their Israeli culture and spirituality.


The Last Letters of Jesus: The Secret of the Nazarenes

Palestine in the first century is a melting pot of Hebrew, Greek, Roman and Oriental thought. It is a country at war with its own future. Judea in the south is dominated by a cabal of black robed priests and their cult of animal sacrifice. Israel, in the north, is home to Rabbi Yeshua bar Yosef and he is running out of time. After a blockade of the Temple sacrifices in Jerusalem, he is imprisoned alongside the assassin sent to kill him. Against all odds, his family and friends race to free him.

Rabbi Yeshua is a prophet and a mystic who has seen the approaching holocaust. Within the violence of animal sacrifice he can see the destruction of the Jewish people. He desperately tries to send word to the Sanhedrin but the forces of evil seek to silence his voice forever.

The Last Letters of Jesus

THE SHROUD OF EDESSA: The Secret of Mary Magdalene

A year after her husband’s horrific death, Mary Magdalene must return to a Jerusalem on the verge of a rebellion.
Judea is torn between religious fundamentalist and the soldiers of a brutal occupation.

In her husband’s tomb she finds a mystery that she cannot destroy.
To protect a secret she cannot understand she must risk everything she loves.

Historical fiction brings historical fact alive with Antonio Sebastian’s new short story from the Nazarene Chronicles. The lost years of the Shroud of Turin begin with Mary Magdalene.
Book two in the series sees Judea on the verge of civil war.

The Shroud of Edessa