Do Atheist Really Exist

Do Atheists Really Exist?

The question is, ‘Do Atheists Really Exist?’ It’s true that many people say that they don’t believe in God but that’s not the same thing.

Over 20% of the population call themselves atheists, but are they?

There are a lot of people in the world who love nothing more than to tell anyone who will listen that they hate, even the idea of, God but that is not the same thing as a being an atheist. The surprising truth is that there is no such thing as an atheist – they are an urban myth. Let me explain why!


Everyone believes that their stories are unique but the truth is, like a shoal of fish or like starlings flying together as the sun goes down, those collective stories form a predictable pattern.

For most of my life, I thought of myself as something of a professional atheist so I can tell you, with confidence, those millions of reasons why people think of themselves as atheists can be distilled down to only four categories:

  1. They don’t need God to tell them right from wrong
  2. Human suffering disproves the existence of God
  3. God, as he is described in religious texts, is a monster
  4. God doesn’t exist

If you look at that list, you will see an underlying pattern:

  • People don’t need a god to tell them what’s right from wrong because they believe they know best.
  • They feel confident that if they had made the world there would be no such thing as suffering.
  • They live with the total confidence that, if they were god, nobody would ever describe them as a monster because they are truly good people.
  • They refuse to believe in God simply because they have not been presented with evidence of God’s existence that would satisfy them.

I Believe in Me

On investigation, we would have to say that atheists do believe in god – the god that they believe in is their ‘self’.

But that is also true of those who say they believe in God. In the modern world, unless you actively work to avoid it, everyone worships in the Cult of the Self.

Just like Christianity, the Cult of the Self, has its apostles, its creation myths and its doctrines. Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry are worshipped as saints and their words studied like holy script, despite the fact that much of what they’ve said about God was largely rubbish. Gender fluidity, the theory of Evolution and Global Warming are its doctrines, despite the fact that the evidence clearly shows that they too are myths. Like all holy scripture only the suicidal or the very brave would ever question the myths of the Cult of the self.

Today in the Modern World

As a result, Western civilisation is dying. Perhaps two world wars wounded it beyond hope of healing? Maybe this plague from China will finish us all off – I don’t know! What I do know is that we are in trouble.

In our modern world women don’t want to be women anymore; but, for some strange reason, many men want to be women.

Sex with anyone, or anything, is good but mothers fight for the right to murder their babies and celebrate when they do.

Families are bad because we are told that we are overpopulated, but the West has to import people from the Third World because the State tells us we need to increase the population.

I Could Run The Universe

It is evident that we are sleepwalking into hell. This begs the question, ‘If God was our problem, why has everything gotten so much worse now he’s dead?’ So what made people abandon God? Why would people think that they could do a better job of running the universe than God?

Just like sneezing is a symptom of a cold, atheism is a symptom of, and a response to, Textual Divinity. When people think they can find god in the written word they can’t help but create monsters. When the Judeans created their anthropomorphic blood god, they condemned us all to the future we now live in.

Rav KookAbraham Isaac Kook, who was the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of the British Mandate of Palestine, said the following just before the Second World War:

“The tendency of unrefined people to see the divine essence as embodied in the words and in the letters alone is a source of embarrassment to humanity, and atheism arises as a pained outcry to liberate man from this narrow and alien pit, to raise him from the darkness of focusing on letters and expressions, to the light of thought and feeling, finally to place his primary focus on the realm of morals. Atheism has a temporary legitimacy, for it is needed to purge away the aberrations that attached themselves to religious faith because of a deficiency in perception and in the divine service. This is its sole function in existence…”

Pangs of Cleanings

I am an engineer. It’s my job to build complex structures and keep them working, and I can tell you, if you try to make any kind of structure and make a mistake on your datum – your point of reference – you are destined to fail. The reference point, the place from which you take all measurements is the most important thing for an engineer.

Western civilisation was like a great tower whose foundations went all the way down to our shared Judeo-Christian culture, but our datum was false. The problem was that the anthropomorphic Judean blood god wasn’t real. Our datum was based on a sick fantasy. When that datum failed, the structure of Western civilisation began to collapse.

But, neither does the Cult of the Self offer us a true datum, because the ‘Self’ doesn’t really exist in the way we think it does. Our ‘Idea’ of our ‘self’ consists of three transient things:

  1. The Sum of our past
  2. How we feel about that past
  3. Our expectations for the future

The illusion of the ‘Self of Now’ is a window through which we view the world and it makes us react automatically to the events in life. The ‘Self of Now’ is the source of our anger, of our lusts and our addictions. It creates our reality and it limits our perceptions. It is the ‘Cult of Self’ that has destroyed our civilisation and enslaved us all to power of the globalists – not God!

Taken from the book – ‘Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul: How to Save the World and Repair Yourself at the Same Time’

Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul

Fallen Angel

Does Satan Exist?

Christianity would be nothing without the idea of Satan or Lucifer as a rival to God. I’m sure you will have noticed by now the amazing similarity between the dualistic philosophy of the Gnostics and Christian dogma.

  • Satan versus Jesus — the idea of Satan as a demigod opposing a heavenly father.
  • Original Sin/Total Depravity — the material world is sinful. Mortification of the flesh.
  • Salvation through belief and esoteric knowledge — belief in arcane knowledge bestowing spiritual power.

The theology of Saulus of Tarsus (Saint Paul) flirted with the idea of Satan as a rival to God. However, it wasn’t until Saint Augustine that Satan and Hell became the fulcrum upon which the entire Christian Church turns.

“The good Christian should beware of mathematicians. The danger already exists that mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell.”

Augustine of Hippo.

Augustine was an ex-Gnostic and came from Algeria. In order to explain and justify his continued sexual addiction he invented the concepts of Satan and Hell. Interestingly, as we’ve seen above, he also hated science and learning. You will be relieved to know that there is no evidence of Lucifer in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament or in Jewish belief. Like the doctrines of Original Sin and Total Depravity, Satan has no basis in the Old Testament.

In the Christian version of Job 1:7

“And the LORD said unto ‘Satan’, Whence comest thou? Then the ‘Satan’ answered…”

Job 1:7

The implication is that Satan is the rival to, and independent of, God, which in Hebrew thought is impossible. Actually Genesis is a typical Hebrew satire meant to illustrate human nature. The actual word is ‘H, S, tA, N.’ and means the ‘Adversary’.

“And the LORD said unto ‘The Adversary (angel)’, Whence comest thou? Then the ‘Adversary’ answered…”

Job 1:7

In Jewish belief, the term Shitan (Adversary) is a description of a role any angel may fulfil. Much as any lawyer may become a ‘Prosecutor’ any angel may be created by God as an ‘adversary’. All actions in life have an effect. If I’ve cheated or murdered someone then there is an effect to myself and to the world ‘out there’, which will have to be dealt with. This concept of a weight of judgement ‘out there’ waiting to readdress the balance of the universe is what Shitan refers to.


From a Jewish understanding of Genesis, when God created man with freewill it meant that the entire universe had to be designed in order to accommodate the possibility that humans might choose wrongly. Just as cars are made with wheels that turn both to the left and the right, humans have the choice to choose the illusion of self or they can choose the will of Heaven. Suffering and evil are merely the highway code of the universe. Governments do not create traffic penalties in order to torture people, they are there to encourage order and the safety of all. So too, in Jewish thinking, is the adversary a servant of God.

It is a truism that lies can only flourish in a soil copiously nourished with the manure of ignorance.

The Gnostic doctrine of Satan has been protected by the Church in two ways:

Restrict and control scriptural translation

Demonise the Jewish people thus ensuring a general ignorance of Hebrew and Hebrew thought

Lucifer is a good example of this studied ignorance. Most Christians use the book of Isaiah to justify both Christ as the Messiah and Lucifer as the rival to God. Both of these ideas are mistaken.

“Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, the worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee. How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

Isaiah 14:12

Note: Angels – even fallen ones – do not rot in the grave! Nor are they worm food.

The words in Hebrew: “Heleyl, ben Shachar” — Heleyl, son of Shachar means: ‘Day-star, son of the morning!’ The poetic reference is to the planet Venus, which always heralds the dawn (Son of Morning) and is refereed to in Latin as ‘lucem ferre’.

This text is specifically discussing the Neo-Assyrian King Shalmaneser V, son of Tigiath-Pileser III, and his death shortly after defeating the Israeli capital city, Samaria.

The correct translation would be: “Day-star, son of the morning!” By leaving the word ‘Lucifer’ in the text the biblical translators were purposely adding something to the text that the prophet did not originally intend. ‘Lucifer’ becomes a name for a demigod instead of a poetic alliteration between the planet Venus and the death of a king. The Church has painted the Cosmic Christ as the antidote to the ‘Devil’ they created.


Today Satanism, like ‘Patriotism,’ is more common in the tabloids than in reality. In the eighteenth century, the independently wealthy and bored elites toyed with evil as a leisure activity, much as today we have Miley Cyrus, speed dating and dogging. Therefore, we can discount Satanism as an intellectual confection of the fatally narcissistic and it need not concern us further.

We have seen that Christianity and most religions that follow the Greek mystery model, almost entirely confine themselves to the realm of the mind. As Pastor Mark Driscoll said, “We don’t go IN to the universe, we go OUT to Jesus.” For many Christians even yoga is considered demonic.

The problem with this outward approach is that it ill equips the student to find their way to introspection.

Christian apologists often dismiss the earliest ‘Logia’ of the Jesus of History as Gnostic but we have seen that ‘Gnosticism’ is defined by its dualism not by the direction of the soul. We can see now that such a condescending dismissal reveals more about the ignorance of the accuser than it says anything about Nazarene Judaism.

In fact, meditation is a foundational principle in Jewish practice. The prophets of the Old Testament used meditation and were mystics. Just as in Hasidic practice and Kabbalah today the use of meditation and deep prayer is almost universal.