Consensus science is the Wizard of Oz

When I was young, scientists were queuing up to convince us of the health benefits of smoking cigarettes. Camel CigarettesMost good restaurants used to have a bowl of cigarettes on the table. Smoking in-between courses was normal. Scientists knew that it would kill us but they kept quiet. Why?

When did our governments and consensus science become the enemy of ordinary people?

Consensus science is the Wizard of Oz

In the second half of the twentieth century, ordinary people believed in ‘science’, in our governments and in the benefits of materialistic consumerism. We believed that the ‘doctor was always right’ and that policemen were ‘public servants’. In short, we trusted that the ‘establishment’ had our best interests at heart.

But, our naiveté has cost the world dearly.

Today, in this brave new world, all of us are condemned to live out our empty lives alone. We believe that our suffering is unique to us. We are told that we are ‘depressed’ or that we are Bi-Polar. Our symptoms become our identity.

Our relationships are temporary alliances rather than lifetime commitments. The only image of hope that we are now permitted is on some tampon commercial with a ukulele soundtrack and a really annoying cheerful whistle.

We all feel that there’s something wrong with the world but we don’t know what! The truth is that we are all trapped within the corrosive worldview our parents and grandparents left to us. We are lost and our only compass is pointing us in exactly the wrong direction: we have been trained to see the world entirely through the ‘Self of Now’.

The Long War

For the last two hundred years, a secret war has been fought for the hearts and minds of the people. On the one hand, materialism tells us that there is nothing real that is not material. Confusingly, on the other hand, organised religions tell us that there is nothing real that is not spirit.

Religions only recognise the life of the spirit, while materialism won’t even consider the possibility that there is such a thing.

Neither of these two worldviews have a good track record and it is an historical fact that they have both, whenever they’ve had the chance, created hell on Earth and still do!

However, once you deny materialism the quasi-religious status that it demands, the questions it has failed to answer present us with an opportunity to find a middle-way between these two toxic extremes.

Dogmatic religion just as much as dogmatic materialism obscures the truth of our lives by telling us exactly what questions can be asked and which can’t.

Christianity insists that all life is inherently evil but ignores the evidence that children are born innocent.

The materialist professor insists that all consciousness is an illusion; an accidental product of natural selection but ignores his own inner life and the fact that forming an independent opinion demands independent thought.

I think it was the Dalai Lama himself that said, ‘Transcendental truth cannot be found through logic but once found it should not, itself, contradict that logic’.

It is not logical to insist that something isn’t true just because you don’t want it to be true. Both the materialist and the spiritualist models fail because they have to deny or ignore so much of the human experience and observable truth.

Separation of ‘Consensus science’ and the State

You’ve only got to look at European history to understand why it’s a very good idea to separate the Church from the State. Unfortunately, nobody has yet realised that we desperately need to separate science from the State as well!

Just like Christianity, science has become a religion. More worryingly, it has also become a system of mass indoctrination. This virulent and aggressive form of ‘science’, which we will call ‘consensus science’ as a way to differentiate it from ‘real science’, has bullied the world into submission.

Please don’t take my word for it! Try asking a question that challenges the consensus.

Risks from SmokingYou will find that there are many questions that ‘consensus science’ will not allow. You will be told that your question is a non-question or that you wouldn’t understand the answer.

More often than not you will be pointed to evidence that independent scientists have already debunked.

Consensus scientists are just a group of people who think they are better than everyone else. They don’t like to listen to new ideas because they are too busy listening to their own opinions. They don’t seem at all troubled by the questions they can’t answer; they just call them ‘illegal’.

If you know any consensus scientists, you may have noticed that they can often seem very narrow and dogmatic in their views.

Convincing us of the benefits of tobacco smoking wasn’t the first time that scientists have betrayed the trust of the people and as it turns out it wasn’t the last!

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This Blog is taken from the non-fiction book: ‘Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul – How to Repair Yourself and Save the World at the Same Time

Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul

Cult of Experts

The Cult of ‘Experts’: failed

If COVID-19 has taught us anything in 2020 it is that there really is no such thing as an expert. The government controlled media have rolled out ‘Expert’ after ‘Expert’ and all of them have been consistently wrong.  Mathematicians have shown themselves incapable of mathematical modelling. Computer experts have presented governments with software to track the location of their citizens only to waste billions of tax payer dollars.  Medical doctors seem to be incapable of telling the truth as, week after week they contradict themselves and mislead the gullible public.

One of the reasons for the rise of a worldwide ‘idiotcracy’ is the fact that only five companies control all of the world’s peer review journals. Once upon a time, science was something that gentlemen of character did as a past time. Today scientists regurgitate opinions of which they know their masters will approve as the price of descent is loss of tenure and your professional qualifications.

The same is true in the world of Biblical Scholarship where divinity colleges award impressive doctorates to unimaginative students for the sole achievement of not asking difficult questions.

Over the next few months we, here at the Jesus of History, will present you, our readers, with evidence concerning some of the most contentious subjects concerning the Jesus of History.


“We are survival machines – robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes. This is a truth which still fills me with astonishment.”

Professor Richard Dawkins, ‘The Selfish Gene’

Cult of Self

The Cult of Self: Failed

How many times have you found yourself, in an airport, scanning rows of brightly coloured ‘self-help’ books, all of which promise to give you the life of the man with a twenty-thousand dollar suit and a smile like a white picket fence? You know the books, they start with lines like, ‘Imagine that you’re as rich as me!’ or ‘I was flying my Jet helicopter to one of my talks’. Perhaps it’s because each of these books appear more banal and incoherent than the last, the writers now compete for your attention by using the word ‘F##K’ as many times as possible.

Waiting for a delayed flight, looking for some kind of hope, you scan the contents of these books and feel something, deep down inside of your soul, shrivel up and die. You know that you’re looking for something but you’re just not sure what; so you move on to the section marked ‘New Age & Spirituality’ in the faint hope that there might be something new. You sigh and quickly put the book down when you realise that yet another impossibly named author has rehashed the same Dr Feelgood BS we’ve been reading since 1968.

The subtext of these books is always the same, ‘you are not good enough’! ‘You need to be more like me’! ‘Buy my secret’! 

The formula is always: YOU + SOMETHING ELSE = HAPPINESS



They tell you that if only you had more ‘self ’, if only you had more ‘belief ’ then finally you would be ‘happy’. If only you could learn to NOT give a F##K about anyone but yourself, then you would be as free as they claim to be. If this were true then the people with all the ‘self’ should be the happiest people on the planet! Sadly, we only have to watch the TV or read the news to know that this proposition is just not true. We see the rich and the famous, we see the sexual abuse, the addictions, the smug hypocrisy, the divorces, the suicides and we can see that they are even more miserable than we are. So just having more ‘self ’ can’t be the answer we’re looking for!



‘Materialism’ is the doctrine that only ‘matter’ is real. Towards the end of the twentieth century it became a religion and is now enforced with all the power of the state. For the last hundred years, in the name of progress, life has been systematically stripped of all its beauty.

Today, children are indoctrinated to believe that their life is an accident and has no purpose. According to the ‘experts’ the universe doesn’t give a F##K about us (to quote a recent guru’s words). This is the reason why one in five Americans are on some kind of prescribed psychotropic drug.

Anti-depressants are the reason that mass murder has become our latest spectator sport and materialism is the reason why suicide is the second biggest killer of young people; it has robbed them of all hope. There is nothing more damaging to the human psyche than the belief that their life is meaningless. The materialist worldview subliminally convinces us of three things:

  • We are alone
  • We are helpless 
  • We live in an indifferent universe.

If we feel unhappy we go shopping or change our job, car, house, partner, or children.

The materialist answer to suffering is always ME + Something else = Happiness. But that prescription is a little like taking a laxative to cure food poisoning. It kinda makes things worse!

So how did we come to believe something so obviously not true?” I can hear you ask.

The only way that the materialist worldview can be supported is if we all agree to ignore the world we see and feel around us. We have to ignore so much of human experience that it is literally driving our civilisation insane. “Why would we do such a thing!”

The answer is we were running from something even worse, or so we thought!



All religions are based, more or less, on the same premise that only the spirit is real. Since the dawn of time, there has always been a man in a twenty-thousand dollar suit waiting to take advantage of your need to find meaning in your life. He might be a prophet or a priest. He might look like a millionaire or a tramp but whatever shape these shysters take, they all have the same answer: “There’s something wrong with you and only I have the cure!”

Self-improvement systems and all religions demand that you add whatever it is they’re selling to your ‘idea’ of you. Just like materialism, religions offer us the same formula with a different twist:

You – something else = salvation.

Inevitably, the guru or prophet has the secret, the power or the keys to the kingdom and they will give it to you in return for your faith and your money. None of these paradigms present a coherent model of reality that can be verified by you, through observation of the world around you; that’s why religions tend to kill people who ask questions. But just because they are not totally right, that doesn’t mean that they’re totally wrong.



At this point, you may sniff and say that spirituality is just for the weak minded and, indeed, that is the dogma of the materialist. You may argue, the opposite view, and insist that ‘god’ can only be found in a book and that is the position of most religions. The strange truth is that both of these, often argued, positions entirely ignore the possibility that we are already subconsciously plugged into a universal sub-atomic reality. Maybe that sub-atomic reality is something like gravity, easy to ignore until you fall over.

Maybe truth is already written on our very essence and books are only a distraction. It would seem that independent scientific evidence is pointing, very strongly, in that direction. As an example, you may have noticed that over the last twenty years a strange urban phenomenon has sprung up on our roads. Today, in most Western countries, you can’t seem to drive more than a few miles without seeing a sad and orphaned shrine of dying flowers and rotting cuddly toys left by the side of the road. These shrines seem to appear overnight, at the site of each car crash, as if by magic.

It is obvious that these bereaved and tormented people are expressing a connection to an inner reality that our strictly material society gives them no way to express or explore. It’s almost as though they are ashamed of their own inner reality.

Maybe we are like the three blind men cleaning an elephant. Asked to describe the elephant, the man who cleaned the tail would say that an elephant was something like a snake. The man who cleaned the leg would say that an elephant was like a tree and the man who cleaned the sides would say an elephant was like a wall.

None of them would be entirely wrong but neither would they be entirely right.

From Islam to Communism, Christianity to Atheism, underneath it all, what is it that we’re looking for? What inner vision is it that each of us seeks to validate?

For the first time in two thousand years, it might be time to talk about what connects us instead of what divides us. We’ve all been so busy fighting over our particular piece of the elephant that we refuse to talk about the elephant in the room: an inner reality that connects us all.

Maybe we are all connected to the same thing but we’ve just not cleaned enough parts to have an accurate picture yet?

This is the truth that the Jesus of History was trying to give us, that reality exists between the cracks and joints of the world that has been pulled over eyes to keep us from the truth: that we are eternal beings of light living within a sea of light.

To read more get a copy of my book “Quantum Mechanics for Your Soul”.