Our goal is to make the teachings free to everyone but unfortunately bringing the message to the world has a cost.

Until 2020 we were honoured to cover those costs ourselves, but now in 2021 our dream is to bring the teachings of the Jesus of History to the world full time – to turn back this avalanche of darkness that has swept away two thousand years of civilisation.

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how to make the teachings of the jesus of history work for you!

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It’s true that we are all looking for an antidote to the Chaos of modern life but you can get ‘self-help‘ advice anywhere, from apps on your phone to famous clinical psychologist Gurus on YouTube, why study the words of the Jesus of History?

The problem with rules and advice is just that: they are just rules and advice. They just sit in your brain like last year’s New Year’s resolutions and are quickly forgotten.

Most people ignore the words of the Jesus of History, assuming that they are just long dead words entombed in the Gospels – irrelevant to life today – but that is a mistake

The teachings of the Jesus of History are based on a scientific sub-atomic reality that can be logically explained without any reference to scripture. His system allows you to see the nature of that reality for yourself.

But, the words of the Jesus of History are a roadmap – worthless unless followed!

It doesn’t matter what you believe, Atheist, Christian, Buddhist or Jew, if you repeat his experiment you will see the same thing: reality!

Religions demand that you accept their particular formula of belief and ignore anything that contradicts that formula. Studying the actual words of the Jesus of History demands only that you embrace reality and find the truth for yourself

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  • History and Archaeology of the Southern Levant
  • Prayer or meditation: a Galilean perspective
  • Repent – a Greek confusion
  • The power of Gratitude
  • The Evolution of God
  • The nature of Evil and how to make it work for you

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The rise of postmodernism and the cult of the self has led to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the death of our civilisation.

The Jesus of History channel is dedicated to exploring contemporary problems in the light of the ancient solutions taught by the Jesus of History.

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