Trigger Warning

Jesus of History – Trigger Warning!

If you hear the word ‘Jesus’ and find you have uncomfortable feelings and urges, you may have been traumatised in your past and you may be suffering from mental health issues of which you are not aware. Many people from a religious background have suffered irreparable damage to their minds during childhood. Often, victims are not aware of this problem until later in life when they notice problems concentrating on any opinion they don’t already hold.

Before continuing to read my blog please review the following self test:

When you hear the name ‘Jesus,’ do you experience any of the following troubling symptoms:

  • Do you feel an overwhelming urge to swear?
  • Do you feel the need to attack either people or objects?
  • If you are close to a computer at the time of the attack, do you feel compelled to type in capitals or write LOL for no apparent reason?

Depending on your cultural background, you may find yourself wanting to keep repeating the following irrational sayings:

  • Jesus died for our sins!
  • I’m washed in the blood of the lamb!
  • Jesus wasn’t Jewish!
  • You may even find yourself shouting, ‘He never existed’ over and over again even when you are alone!

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to two or more of the above questions, you may be suffering from ‘Religious Myopia’ and you should immediately consult a mental health professional.

Please do not read my blog! You will be exposed to possibly lethal doses of new ideas.

Scientists have been working tirelessly with people who exhibit some or all of the symptoms of Religious Myopia and no matter how far advanced your symptoms are, it is important to never lose hope.

Doctors have been experimenting for the last few years trying to find a cure for this debilitating disease. Controversially, packs of feral dogs are being used in these experiments. These dogs experience very similar symptoms to those unfortunate victims of this antisocial disease. As soon as dogs hear the sound of a car engine, an insane aggression seems to overtake them and they are compelled to run down the street, whilst trying to bite the tyres of the offending car. This is very similar to the reaction innocent Facebook users may experience when they read the word ‘Jesus’.

Great strides forward have been made in the treatment of victims of RM. Doctors have found that daily exposure to higher and higher doses of contrary views, coupled with self-administered electric shock therapy has offered an almost normal life to many people who would have been considered hopeless ‘morons’ ten years ago.

The managers of The Jesus of History Project issue the following warning:

You read this blog at your own risk!

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