BLM attack at Macy's


White lives don’t matter, apparently! On June 20th, a ‘White’ Macy’s employee was beaten without mercy by a black man in the store. The white man lay on the floor in a position of submission and offered no threat to his black assailant. When questioned by police, the black assailant justified his attack by saying that his victim ‘Called me the ‘N’ word’ (apparently this is now a legal defense). His brother, who filmed the attack said, “I’m behind my brother fully, because with everything else going on, what else can we do at this point?”

So far no charges have been made – as you would expect.

For a while the Mass Media ran with the story. They applauded the black attacker’s devotion to his civic duty to ‘Punch a Cracker’. Unfortunately, for the New York Post and all the other Left-Wing Media outlets the victim had been targeted because he was white and was an easy target – not because he’d used the ‘Bad Word’ – that was a lazy lie!

This begs the question: do you have the right to assault someone just because they say something you don’t like?

Pandora's JarThe Greek Poet, Hesiod wrote in his epic poem ‘The Theogony’ (8th to 7th Century BCE) the story of Pandora, who opened a sacred jar that unleashed evil to the world. Once evil had been released there was just no way to get it back into the jar and so it is now!

The problem with universal democracy is that it encourages people to think that evil is made good if enough people agree. Black Lives Matter and the Mass Media would like it if black people would oblige them and punch random white people. Marxist professors have been telling their black students that they are oppressed for decades and now black people are being encouraged to take revenge. So far that has proved very jolly for all concerned (except the white employees at Macy’s Store of course).

Jewish people on Facebook love to share videos of white people being punched, if it can be implied that the victim was in anyway sympathetic to ‘Right Wing’ views. Punching Nazis is even more fun than punching run-of-the-mill white people because it’s a kind of 2-for-1. Almost inevitably people who think of themselves as Nazis are white.

But here’s the thing! Not so long ago, the Germans were having great fun killing Jews and the Americans made a sport out of killing black people. Who’s to say that the wheel might not turn again? Now that the blacks and Jews have pulled evil out of the jar once again, how are they going to get it back in?

Violence, hatred and anger are ‘reactions’ to external stimulus. When we indulge them we are acting automatically. It’s almost as if we are not quite conscious. The Jesus of History taught us to stop this descending spiral of evil – to restrict our automatic reaction – because they are always self destructive. Do any of us want to live in a world where somebody can be assaulted simply because the mob sanction it? I know that the Jews don’t and I would be surprised if the black community would like to see a return of the lynch mobs (they seem to forget that they are still in a minority despite the media being almost totally influenced by black culture).

“Turn the other cheek” was good advice. “Love your enemy and then you will have none” is even better advice. It allows you stay open and to stay conscious.

White people are nice until they are not and I don’t think our governments, the Jews nor the blacks want to be around when they stop being nice!

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