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Theological and moral confusion is nothing new to the Archbishops of the English Church. The latest lamb of god, Justin Welby, confessed to the Guardian Newspaper in 2014 that he doubts that god exists. Now that the barbarians of BLM are at the gate and demanding that all statues of Christ be destroyed Welby has broken like a KitKat and is happily offering to sacrifice his Christ a second time.

Chocalate JesusIn a recent interview he enthused, ‘You see a black Jesus, a Chinese Jesus, a Middle Eastern Jesus – which is of course the most accurate – you see a Fijian Jesus’. Apparently, according to the Archbishop of the English Church, everyone should have their own personal Jesus – who looks and sounds exactly like them – everyone except the English that is! For some reason not mentioned the English have to have a Chocolate Jesus. A more cynical writer might speculate that moral and physical cowardice might have more to do with Welby’s enthusiasm for vandalism than any real theological insight.

So was the Jesus of History black? In actual fact, the Canaanites and the Persians were Caucasian. The Prophet Muhammad himself was white skinned with a ginger beard.

In the Hadith Sahih Bukhari 63 we are told that when a man arrived looking for the Prophet he was pointed to the ‘White Man leaning on his arm’. The Middle East did not become homogeneously brown skinned until after the explosion the Berber tribes of Islam out of North Africa.

Not that the English Church has ever been interested in historical reality. Perhaps it’s because Welby knows that Christ is a myth created by Greco-Romans that he feels so ready to throw him under the bus! But if the statues of Christ are the bath water what of the baby? Today the barbarians are destroying statues but Welby will be helping them flush two thousand years of cultural heritage down the toilet – the fruit of our civilisation and then what will be left?

It was Western civilisation that forced most of the civilised world to end slavery. And it is that civilisation that gives descendants of Africans a right to speak freely in England.

Maybe it’s time the Church admitted their fraud and re-examined that true sayings of the Jesus of History. In them we might all find a way to heal our fractured society.

“If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand.” Mark 3:24

BLM attack at Macy's


White lives don’t matter, apparently! On June 20th, a ‘White’ Macy’s employee was beaten without mercy by a black man in the store. The white man lay on the floor in a position of submission and offered no threat to his black assailant. When questioned by police, the black assailant justified his attack by saying that his victim ‘Called me the ‘N’ word’ (apparently this is now a legal defense). His brother, who filmed the attack said, “I’m behind my brother fully, because with everything else going on, what else can we do at this point?”

So far no charges have been made – as you would expect.

For a while the Mass Media ran with the story. They applauded the black attacker’s devotion to his civic duty to ‘Punch a Cracker’. Unfortunately, for the New York Post and all the other Left-Wing Media outlets the victim had been targeted because he was white and was an easy target – not because he’d used the ‘Bad Word’ – that was a lazy lie!

This begs the question: do you have the right to assault someone just because they say something you don’t like?

Pandora's JarThe Greek Poet, Hesiod wrote in his epic poem ‘The Theogony’ (8th to 7th Century BCE) the story of Pandora, who opened a sacred jar that unleashed evil to the world. Once evil had been released there was just no way to get it back into the jar and so it is now!

The problem with universal democracy is that it encourages people to think that evil is made good if enough people agree. Black Lives Matter and the Mass Media would like it if black people would oblige them and punch random white people. Marxist professors have been telling their black students that they are oppressed for decades and now black people are being encouraged to take revenge. So far that has proved very jolly for all concerned (except the white employees at Macy’s Store of course).

Jewish people on Facebook love to share videos of white people being punched, if it can be implied that the victim was in anyway sympathetic to ‘Right Wing’ views. Punching Nazis is even more fun than punching run-of-the-mill white people because it’s a kind of 2-for-1. Almost inevitably people who think of themselves as Nazis are white.

But here’s the thing! Not so long ago, the Germans were having great fun killing Jews and the Americans made a sport out of killing black people. Who’s to say that the wheel might not turn again? Now that the blacks and Jews have pulled evil out of the jar once again, how are they going to get it back in?

Violence, hatred and anger are ‘reactions’ to external stimulus. When we indulge them we are acting automatically. It’s almost as if we are not quite conscious. The Jesus of History taught us to stop this descending spiral of evil – to restrict our automatic reaction – because they are always self destructive. Do any of us want to live in a world where somebody can be assaulted simply because the mob sanction it? I know that the Jews don’t and I would be surprised if the black community would like to see a return of the lynch mobs (they seem to forget that they are still in a minority despite the media being almost totally influenced by black culture).

“Turn the other cheek” was good advice. “Love your enemy and then you will have none” is even better advice. It allows you stay open and to stay conscious.

White people are nice until they are not and I don’t think our governments, the Jews nor the blacks want to be around when they stop being nice!

Police Brutality IS American Culture


Police Brutality is rarely a symptom of racism. Not anymore  – It hasn’t been for a long time. Neither do the American police have a monopoly on ‘Brutality’. The truth is there is a problem with the police all over the Western, First World, nations! In fact, in every country that has been exposed to popular American culture there is a problem with pointless police violence.

It’s obvious that Western Civilisation is dying from a cancer but anti-black racism has nothing to do with it! Police brutality is a symptom of a, much deeper and more malignant, form of cultural cancer and it’s a cancer that will kill us all! ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are just distractions. They offer no real solutions. They have never – and will never- put an end to violence and brutality. Why? Because ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER love violence! As long as they are the ones doing it. American popular culture isn’t addicted to racism – it’s addicted to brutality.

So how did American culture become so depraved? To understand that we need to look at these two examples:

  1. After the First World War, the German people embraced the concept of their inherent racial superiority. Based on Darwinian theory, the Germans believed that the Aryan race was at the pinnacle of evolution. They felt that it was their duty to subjugate the inferior races around the world. That was the story they believed and so they acted as they did – millions of people died.


  1. Flash forward sixty years and the German people, both East and West, are finally reunited. They no longer believe that they are ‘racially’ superior. The vast majority of ordinary Germans now believe that they are ‘Morally’ superior. Rather than spend all of their time and resources subjugating inferior races, they now are determined to destroy their own country by ‘Saving’ all of the inferior races. Through the power of their new Empire, now called the EU, they compete with other western nations to be the most moral country in the world.

Ultimately, the new German story will prove to be much more dangerous than the first – both to Germany and to the rest of the world – but no matter what evidence is presented to the German people, they continue to vote for politicians who spend all of their time and resources destroying their own country and, in the process, European civilisation.

We can see from this example that people, both individually and collectively, are the sum of the stories they believe and the prejudice of their beliefs make it almost impossible for them to look at any fact that contradicts their internal narrative.

It is obvious then that in order to understand how Brutality got to be a fundamental part of American culture we need to go back to the beginning of America and look at the stories the early Americans believed.

CalvinThe original European settlers of the American continent were followers of a Frenchman named Jean Calvin. Some were called ‘Separatist’,  later they were called ‘Puritans’ but all of them were Calvinists. For those of you who are not aware, Calvinists believe in the Five Points of Calvinism:

T: Total Depravity

U: Unconditional Election

L: Limited Atonement

I: Irresistible Grace

P: Preservation of the Saints

They believed, among other things, that they alone had been chosen by god to be saved. They believed that Christ had only died for them and not for all human beings. They also believed that no matter what evil they did, they would always go to heaven. Calvinism is a kind of spiritual supremacy that was the background colour over which the American dream was painted. Genocide and slavery were an inevitable product of this corrosive belief.

It is also true that the when the American colonies divorced themselves from the aristocracy of their European homelands, they lost any sense of chivalry. The vast majority of settlers were from working class backgrounds. Finding themselves alone within a hostile country they naturally reinvented themselves. What they lost was the flower of European civilisation – the art of self-restraint – known to Europeans as ‘Chivalry‘.

Over thousands of years, European aristocracy had turned violence into an art and Chivalry was a code, like the Japanese code of Bushido, that existed to restrain and channel that violence into something positive. Chivalry was based on the belief in the idea of self-restraint and self sacrifice. During the 19th and early 20th century Chivalry became enshrined and promulgated through sport.

In England, prior to the turn of the 20th century, young men were taught that a gentleman competed for the love of the sport. To a gentleman winning and losing were all the same. Anyone who has actually competed in sport – particularly the martial arts – will confirm that someone else being ‘less’ than you on a particular day doesn’t necessarily imply that you are ‘more’. The code of Chivalry teaches that your abilities are between you and God. To make someone else feel inferior just so you can feel good would be unthinkable.

Today – the only thing that matters is winning. Nobody cares about the ‘loser’ – nobody cares about the art.stab and poke Young Americans are taught that only ‘winning’ matters. The greatest insult to an American is to be called a ‘loser’ and this obsession with ‘winning’ has destroyed sport and in the process civilisation.

Take as an example sword fencing. Originally this was a deadly art whose beauty was remarkable. Now Olympic fencing, in all disciplines, is just an athletic game of flick, stab and poke. The electric scoring system awards a hit split seconds apart, the faster person becomes an Olympic gold medalist. But, in reality this obsession with winning has turned suicide into a sport.

The great warrior Winston Churchill put it best when he said:

In War: Resolution

In Defeat: defiance

In Victory: Magnanimity

In Peace: Good Will

You only have to watch the Olympics on television to see that in competition we cheat. In defeat we are petulant. In victory we are insufferable and in peace we are self aggrandize. Without class or restraint – it was inevitable that America developed into a ‘Bully’ culture. If we make a god out of the ‘self’ there really is no room in the world for anyone else but one’s self.

A bully is defined as

  1. A person who is cruel to others, especially those who are weaker or have less power. [from late 17th c.]
  2. A noisy, blustering fellow, more insolent than courageous; one who is threatening and quarrelsome; an insolent, tyrannical fellow.

Does that sound familiar to anyone? It should! With the advent of mass media – American culture has spread bully culture  around the world like a Virus.

The TV Series 24 with Kiefer Sutherland is a perfect example of Bully culture. If you’ve not watched the series – I would recommend it –  the story revolves around Jack Bauer,  a Counter Terrorist Agent – working in Los Angeles. He is a weak man who sucks up to his superiors but bullies anyone he has power over. His wife and daughter are narcissistic morons but Jack lacks the moral  character to restrain their selfishness. And this is where we see a similarity to ANTIFA and BLM – Jack Bauer justifies his psychopathic violence because of his belief in ‘the president’ (a fantasy not justified in the story as fool is invariably sold out by a list of weak and ineffectual presidents).  In the same way ANTIFA and BLM justify their violence by creating the myth of white supremacy.

Living in a ‘Bully’ culture – Americans mistake pointless aggression for masculinity. Whoever shouts the loudest is the boss. Perhaps because of their hatred of the English, any form of politeness is seen as somehow effeminate and a sign of weakness. Have you noticed that nearly all the ‘Badies’ in American films have an English accent?

When George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin he wasn’t a victim of racism. American cops kill twice as many whites as Blacks – Americans are equal opportunity bullies. They’ll happily bully anyone – they don’t care what colour you are. The Truth is that George Floyd was also a victim of Black Culture because Black Culture is the essence of ‘bully’ culture.

African culture, like American culture, was and obviously is based on the violent subjugation of the weak. We only have to look at the BLM riots today to see how true this is.

The Zulu empire enslaved the Nguni and Khoisan tribes. The Europeans didn’t catch slaves in Africa – they bought them from African kings. Those Kings had already enslaved other Africans.

Why is it that young black men are fed a diet of black role models whose greatest dream in life is to be a pimp with street ‘cred’ and get paid for doing nothing . George Floyd died because Black people have been encouraged to be a part of Bully culture. To believe in the story of violence.

They could have been shown role models like Lieutenant Colonel Alan West or Professor Tomas Sowell. They could have been so much more!

This begs the question – Why is the mass media feeding the world such a corrosive world view that will inevitably result in either genocide or civil war?

The Jesus of History taught us that: ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’

Calvinism gave America a story that made them treasure the ‘Self’ above all things. Lacking restraint and self-discipline the American obsession with the ‘self’ led to coarsening of Western civilisation.

In other words – you  will become  – the story you believe. So you better make sure the story you believe is based on reality.

We can’t build a sustainable future based on lies. European and White Americans left racism behind a long time ago. They fought wars to end racism and slavery – that is the truth.

Even if all the white people in the world committed suicide tomorrow – that would not stop brutality and violence.

Police Brutality will not go away until we grow out of this ‘Winner’ Culture. We have to Teach our children to play the game for its own sake. To be magnanimous in victory and noble in defeat. We have to teach our children how to compete without becoming a bully. We have to teach young men to be strong and to use that strength to protect the weak.

Unless we give young men heroes to look up to they will spend their lives looking down!

It’s time American Bully Culture grew up!