Police brutality is not the result of institutional racism. Police brutality is the direct result of American culture.

American culture idolises the concept of the winner. From sport all the way to the family, the thing that matters is being a ‘winner’ – but it is a myth – a lie!

‘Winning’ is a fleeting experience. It is entirely subjective and illusory. Focussing your life on ‘winning’ provides a false datum. Just because, on that day, someone is less than you, it doesn’t make you more!

America has, via mass-media, coarsened and undermined Western Culture. It has created ‘Bully’ culture and exported to the world. ‘Bully’ culture is a virus that infects Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Hope Not Hate far more that it does the Police.

Globalists are pushing the ‘Vegan’ agenda and if, like me, you care about animals that might sound like a good idea, but is it?

What would happen to the world if everyone became vegan?

Before anyone reports me for hate speech, I fought for Greenpeace and represented the Green Party in the 80s and as a Zen Buddhist was a vegan for many years.

I’m asking this question with a lot of love for the planet and for all life! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Would Jesus find Easter offensive?

Did Jesus die for our Sins?

Did he believe in Animal Sacrifice?

Most people instinctively recoil at the idea of vicarious sacrifice but so many still cling to the proposition of a God who demands animal and human sacrifice.

Author Antonio Sebastian demonstrates that the actual words of the Jesus of history rejected this concept.

A Video in the Secrets of the Nazarenes series by Author Antonio Sebastian.

COVID 19 and Black Lives Matter have exposed the incompetence of our governments and the cult of ‘Experts’ that supports them.
Now, as we face worldwide Civil War and Plague, we can finally ask the questions that would have been unthinkable a year ago.
Author, Antonio Sebastian, explores the underlying causes of this strange death of civilisation and reveals a first century Israeli solution that has been hidden within the Christ myth for two thousand years.
Based on the publication of the third and final edition of his book ‘The True Sayings of Jesus: The Jesus of History Vs. The Christ Myth’.

With a background in engineering and advanced electromagnetics, the author synthesises two radical scientific hypotheses in order to present a unified theory of observed reality.

Like the legendary best seller, ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’, the events of an epic journey between Azerbaijan and Aberdeen Scotland provide easy to understand explanations for an elegant and coherent model of sub-atomic reality.

If you’ve ever wondered how a magnet can move an object without touching it, if you ever noticed that Darwinian evolution doesn’t make much sense, if you’ve ever felt that there’s more to life than ‘Science’ can explain this is the book for you!

Quite by accident, the book offers an explanation for Nazarene Judaism without once discussing God, religion or Jesus.

“Why did God demand animal sacrifice?” is one of the most common search strings on Google.

Unfortunately, the answers given by religious experts leave a lot to be desired!

For example:

1. Dead animals are like mobile phones to God

2. We are actually doing animals a favour!

3. Animal sacrifice was a warm up for the main event: sacrificing Jesus.

4. Blood washes away sin

5. Killing animals is like paying taxes to God.

Author of ‘The True Sayings of Jesus: the Nazarene Paradigm’, Antonio Sebastian, takes a common sense approach and asks ‘Did the Jesus of history believe in animal sacrifice’. From the Spanish mountains, he discusses the historical context and the possible effects of this ancient and still controversial practice. His answer may surprise you!

Is Meditation Demonic?

Many Christians believe that yoga and meditation are demonic works of the devil.

The Jesus of history was heir to mystical tradition thousands of years old.

Meditation is an integral part of Jewish spiritual practice and is detailed in the Tanakh.

Antonio Sebastian introduces us to the often overlooked teachings of the Jesus of history on meditation.

Fair Winds Films and Daphne Ellis expose the Cult of Materialism.

If you had grown up in a cult would you even want to know?

Possibly the most banned video on YouTube. The Cult of Materialism is world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you to the fact that you were born a slave.

This video will blow your mind!

Modern life is hard!

Author, Antonio Sebastian, reveals how his abusive and dysfunctional family created the drive that pushed him to travel the world in search of an answer to human suffering.

He describes the fateful journey from Azerbaijan that led to him write his latest book, ‘Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul: how to repair yourself and save the world at the same time!’

He explains the features and benefits of using Nazarene Judaism within the context of scientific hypotheses.

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